I realized the other day, as I saw the year-end music posts rollin’ in on social media, that I never even discussed my favorite albums from 2019, let alone 2020. You know how you also think you have a note written somewhere with the things on it you wanted to share, but then you realize you didn’t actually write it down? Well, this is gonna be one of those posts that rambles and dances on the line of bad memory mixed with lots of emotions. Let’s get this coaster on the track.

First issue, however, is that Google Play music…

Saying goodbye is difficult, but sometimes you have to for closure. 6 years ago, Jake and I got together and decided we wanted to keep playing music after our previous band Eon Ravine broke up. We liked what we had going with Eon, but didn’t want to be hung up on the perfectionism that seemed to plague that band — so we simplified and streamlined our sound. We recorded Automata (3 separate times, geeze) and played a couple of shows at coffee shops, garages, and random people’s backyards. After some time and worry that our sound wasn’t coming across, we…

Many creatives and entrepreneurs of all varieties today struggle to effectively reach their audience and get paid for their products and services. Typically, people advertise by creating attractive digital ads, leveraging social media, and trying innovative new approaches to marketing. But I’m going to give you a tip that is tried and true, and is often overlooked as a lucrative source of traffic — complaining.

It’d been months since I had inundated my social media profiles in self-promotion and asked my family and friends to support a new project, so I thought the time had come to finally cash in…

Look I got a Nickle Back!

I’ve never listened to the entire catalog before, only listened to the radio hits that happened to pop up in public. I felt like the meme of “Nickelback Sucks” has been parroted a lot (including by myself) but I don’t think any band deserves that stamp without proper investigation. So I decided I’d do my duty and listen through to make my own judgments. I decided to do reverse chronological order and took stream-of-consciousness notes.


Chad’s voice is unique, but it’s also fairly grating and doesn’t have a lot of variety (Save for the first 2 albums when he was…

These songs were (mostly) released in 2016. But really, what makes these songs stick out is that I dived into them in 2016, rather than a cursory listen. If a song is on this list, I’ve listened to the entire album and picked it out — I also liked the rest of each album.

11. You + Me // “Break The Cycle” // 2014

This song may feel like an outlier on this list, and that’s because it is. 2 years after this album was released I finally sat down and listened to it. It’s just a series of very catchy vocal hooks over very simple instrumentation and chord…

My super-fantastic attention-grabbing image.

Everyone has those friends that are “the creative types”. You know these people, the connoisseurs of Pinterest and DIY forums — people who have their own Etsy storefronts and indie bands. Surely by no means could you ever be as inventive as they, because all you can do is hope to replicate a recipe for brownies and not burn them to death.

Creativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some people say “I’m not creative”, and that is akin to taking a truckload of dirt and dropping it on a bonfire. No one creates out of the self-deprecation of doubt. I think…

As I write this, my first Kickstarter campaign for a table-top game is coming to an end. The question I’ve received the most is “What are you going to do if the campaign fails?”

To answer this question, I need to take a step back and reconsider why in the world we decided to try Kickstarter in the first place.

Why did I pick Kickstarter?

I love Kickstarter. In our current iteration of the sharing economy and the craze of start-ups, any platform that exists to give average people the means to fund an otherwise pie-in-the-sky funding goal is awesome! Talk about “sticking it to…

How do you get your parent to stop telling the same story every year.

This past holiday season, my wife and I do our yearly “family road trip” in which we attempt to somehow see all of our extended family in about a week by driving around Ohio. This trip has enough stress to push us to eat nothing but peanut butter cups for a week afterward to unwind. Luckily, our families supply us with them so we don’t need to spend any more of our post-holiday budget on fatness.

All of this is to say that we actually enjoy…

Danny Capaccio

Artist. Programmer. Musician. Co-Founder at http://polyrhythm.studio Denny @DennySpennyBS

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